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This heart of mine
One winters night it ended there, I was left feeling so scared. A chance to keep my heart intact was taken from me when she turned her back. Why did love die? Why did I chance this heart of mine? Now I can't sleep, I just want to see a change of light shining down on me. Staring up towards the pale moonlight will I always see it through these sad blue eyes? When will I fly, and chance this heart of mine? Copyright 1991 Jim Davis

I don't mind
Summer sands drift through my hands so warm so fine so pure so light. The sun melts down upon my back those happy days keep flooding back. Under those clouds in the pouring rain laughing running dancing signing playing games. We both went and did what we had to do, but I can't help sometimes missing you. But I don't mind we had our day and I'm happy this way. I don't mind. I don't mind love has gone because memories linger on. I don't mind. The wind rolls of those crashing waves our happiness seems like yesterday. It's nice to know that we're still friends but I can't help wondering is this the end. Copyright 1991 Jim Davis

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