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Arrow Bullet Information: Seen It All Music Video
This video was shot across two afternoons. The first was in Gregs home study/studio with a couple of other musicians (everyone contributing to ideas - which was fantastic!) The second afternoon was I think a week or so later. Greg and I running around in a car hunting out locations and shooting anything of interest. (The rule being there had to be a number of cover shots for each location) . Some scenes were pre-planned (Tunnel, Outdoors Steps and Harmonica). Greg didn't really want to be seen "acting" but after some convincing I managed to get the closing scene on the stairs case included. (Which I must confess, from the start was always my intention). The video gets a mention in a review of the UK EP release of 'Seen It All' in which the video was included as a CD Extra. The review can be viewed at:

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