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This section offers a range of practical tips and check lists for traveling and holidaying both in the UK and overseas.

When traveling to less common destinations it is important to check with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to ensure that your proposed destination is not in the throws of a military coupe or tottering on the edge of civil war. The office can be found on the web at www.fco.gov.uk/travel/ or alternatively you can telephone 020 7238 4503 or 020 7238 4504.

Make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover illness or injury. Remember not all holiday activities such as para gliding are covered with conventional travel insurance.

Make a note of your passport number and make photocopies of any visas. Leave these copies at home or with friends.

If you intend to travel extensively ensure your family or friends know your journey plans alternatively arrange to contact someone on a regular basis while you are away.

Check with your local GP to see if any vaccinations or treatments are recommended. Some treatments need to commence 2 weeks prior to departure and may have to be administered at a specialist medical center.



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