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Undertheblue - Digital Media Concepts, Research and Design
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Dr. Jim Davis PhD, MA, BA (Hons), Also known as James Andrew Davis and Jimmy Davis
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Copyright Jim Davis 2005
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I have worked as an art director and studio manager, multimedia producer, learning materials and communication consultant and freelance film maker. Most recently I have been a senior educational manger of risk, resources and sustainabilityin the arts. I also have substantial experience designing, managing, delivering and quality assuring corporate training and further and higher education.

Graduating with honours, my first degree was in ‘audio visual design’, my masters degree was in ‘computing in design’ and my award winning PhD explored the design and deployment of learning technology to support the acquisition and development of practical skills by undergraduate art and design students studying in the UK.

My research interests are practice-lead with action research methodologies and revolve around the design of user experience across both digital and live performance domains.

Currently I advise on the design and deployment of a range of interactive and communication media; lecture to Interactive Media, Video and Film Production, Multimedia and Computer Games Design students at a UK university. I also play around with a variety of digital media concepts several of which having been published in Japan, Germany, USA and the UK.

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PhD Artefact : Recording Coach - Sound Recording and Interview Simulator

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Core Skills and Expertise

Publications, Awards and Exhibitions
My publications, awards and exhibitions.

Design Approach
For my design approach and philosophy click here.

Fees and charges
For information about the commisions I undertake click here.

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