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Undertheblue - Digital Media Concepts, Research and Design
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We-based design. Site design, content management maintenance and development
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Copyright Jim Davis 2005
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Designing for site ownership
The pace of change across the web can make site designs dated very quickly. So how does one measure the quality of a site design?

Its one thing to design a visually appealing site, its a somewhat different challenge to design a site which is easy to use while remaining both interesting and sympathetic to its intended audience, subject matter and intended site objectives.

Much of the web work I do revolves around owner empowerment. Sites are designed technically very simplistically so as to support client ownership and self maintenance. (Sometimes this also means providing some initial training). As a result some of these owner developed sites can evolve to become a little too loose visually, or have alignment issues and or be presented using hideous frames, (Yes Greg I told you not to use frames sir!). I try not to be too precious about this because it is at least an indication that the site is being used by their owners. You may find it interesting to compare my original concepts with the live sites, so I have provided some of these.

Three site examples
There are three categories of sites listed here, those which are live and maintained by me, those which are now retired by myself or a client, and sites originated in one way or another by me and now maintained by the client. Shown here is a small selection of sites as many sites I have designed have come and gone over the years.


Managed Designs
Corfu Holidays Jump to external site
Rule Line
PhD Project Jump to external site
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Study Support Site Jump to external site
Award Winning Site!
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Course Web Site Jump to external site
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Brand Hub Jump to external site

Sites now Retired Rule Lineinformation Icon
Social Network Jump to external site
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Songwriter & Musician [Evloved Client Maintained Version Jump to external site]

Sites now Retired
NBRA Rule Lineinformation Icon
Newcastle Borough Residence Association
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BagLadyLou Rule Lineinformation Icon
Catalogue and Store

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