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Research / Buskling - Performance and Shomanship
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Research interests and practice
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‘BUSK Music’
 is a  practice-based reflective research endeavour, based on a performer as researcher approach to the study of busking.

Busking has a long established heritage with an early form of the art evident in the itinerate singing lower clergyman known as ‘goliards’ who perpetually travelled in pursuit of written scriptures. The 11th century troubadours, and later, the wandering minstrels, many of which being in receipt of significant often prestigious patronage, are further examples of the form.

The term ‘busk’ in its truest form is the street performance of music. Today the term encompasses a wide variety of performances arts, including for example escapology, conjuring, juggling, and street theatre. If you have ever busked or watched a performance you will no doubt appreciate how the performance impacts on the space it occupies.

This study aims to : explore the interactions and relationships between presentation, repertoire, performance, space and audience as experienced and manipulated by the performer during a performance.






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