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Undertheblue - Digital Media Concepts, Research and Design
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Research / RecordingCoach [Part 1]
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Research Interests and Practice
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Copyright Jim Davis 2005
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Part One
Technology Supported Learning within Art and Design - The acquisition of practical skills, with specific reference to undergraduate introductory sound recording and interview techniques.

RecordingCoach is a location based sound recording and interview simulator designed to support the introduction and development of sound recording and interview techniques (SRIT) skills introduced in a module entitled 'DM1006 introduction to digital sound'. This module is delivered each year to level 1 undergraduates studying across more than 7 degree's in Art and Design at the University of Wolverhampton . Users of RecordingCoach are able to observe sound recording equipment being set-up; set up a virtual sound kit themselves as well as undertake both assisted and independent interviews with 2 virtual interviewees. RecordingCoach records, in real time, and saves to the host computer hard drive the independent virtual interviews, capturing microphone handling, responses to situational / environmental sound and the verbal audio exchanges. The simulator has an associated web site This dummy celebrity profile site provides a back story to (and facilitates research into) Margaret Weatherby - RecordingCoach's resident virtual celebrity and primary interviewee.

Across the academic year 2005 - 2006 RecordingCoach was introduced to, and used by, around 120 first year undergraduate students studying degrees in, Video, Animation, Design for Multimedia, Computer Games Design, Multimedia Communication, Digital Media, and Television Graphics.


Research Links
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Film and Video
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Evaluation Copy
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RecordingCoach took the e-Tools runners-up prize in the Higher Education Academy
e-tutor awards 2006

Jim collecting HEA prize
Jim receiving his prize from Eddie Gulc of the HEA, Sept 2006

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