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Undertheblue - Digital Media Concepts, Research and Design
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Ideas pop into your head from the strangest of sources.

In 1999, Undertheblue was originally conceived as an alternative travel site. While sorting out folders in my office I came across the photo below, which then sparked off a couple of interactive ideas - (1999) Peopleiknew and some time later (2001) LosCompadres. Both concepts emerged fully formed by another hand within a year or so, branded as Friends Reunited and Link-in. It' a shame i didn't take things further (I fight back the overwhelming urge to weep.)

Famous Five _ Well me and friends in the 70's
By the way that's me in the middle.

Ideas and Concepts
Undertheblue - The Original Site Conceptrule lineinformation Icon
Alternative Holiday Destinations

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You guessed it, but I thought of it first - really i did!

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Collaborative Business Portal - Strength Through Association

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Matala Creete


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