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e-Learning / Overview
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Managed Designs

Educational Film


e-Learning, TSL, CBT, bla, bla, bla...?
e-Learning appears to be one of the more recent terms to emerge across much of the current literature to describe, Technology Supported Learning (TSL) or was that Computer Based Learning CBL or maybe it was Instructional Design? Anyway what ever term you are familiar with, this area outlines a range of what I would loosely term education and training media. (I used e-learning in the navigation bar because I didn't have room for 'education and training media'.)

Using the computer-based medium in learning, teaching and training
If you think about it, trainers and teachers are really 'masters of compromise'. Given an infinite budget, resources and time, most of us would not choose to teach our subjects or train in the way we do. For technology to be able to liberate us from our compromised approach, effectively support learning, and in particular 'learning by doing', it is important to at least suspend the desire to ask 'what can I do with learning technology' and instead say 'this is what I want from learning technology'.  Without such an approach many of the artefacts I have created would never have been conceived. Many organisations have proprietary or commercially sourced Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's). However the virtual learning environment should not dictate the virtual learning 'experience'. Simply put, the environment should support the desired user experience. "The mode of delivery is irrelevant by comparison with the mode of engagement with the content" (Laurillard 2002, p. 107). The 'internet' and VLE is all to often seen as the mode of delivery behind which all other considerations must be aligned. Such schewed approaches are commonly driven by institutional dictates rather than class-based pedagogic concerns. (In such instances I hold my head in my hands and weep.) Both institurional and class-based or shop floor pedagogic concerns can be accomodated and more importantly the goals for both can be harmaised and achieved.

Laurillard, D. (2002) Rethinking University Teaching a framework for the effective use of learning technologies (2nd ed.). London: Routledge Falmer.


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