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Undertheblue - Digital Media Concepts, Research and Design
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Time-Based Media, Video, Film, Sound and anything linear
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Video and Film

Video and Film

While user experience design is my primary interest today, my first love was story telling and particularly the place between the realities of our everyday lives and the fantasy that inevitably grows out of the use of time-based media.

Gene's rain dance
As a child I was completely enchanted by the film Singing in the Rain. Not only was the film itself about film making its story was a truly fantastical representation in as much as it was based in the musical genre. My introduction to the film was via the family 8-Track player and an 8-Track cassette with the films signature tune 'singing in the rain' on it. At the age of six or seven I recall being told one night, by my parents, that the film of the song I liked so much was going to be on TV that evening, but it was too late for me to stay up and watch. That night lying in bed, deeply upset as only a child can be, my dad came in to my bedroom (maybe he heard me or maybe it was just a nightly check on me), anyway the result was I was allowed to watch the film up to and including the singing in the rain dance sequence. It was SUPERB!

One of the earliest memories I have of my own attempts at creative expression is the re-enactment of Gene Kelly's 'singing in the rain' dance sequence. Using a handheld mic and a cassette recorder I recorded a copy of the song off of the 8-track player to use as a backing track. In my bedroom a couple of friends were coerced to stand, sodden flannel in hand, behind a large sheet of hardboard (which I used when playing with my toy soldiers). As the track played I would dance in front of the board and they would wring out their flannels above me to recreate the rain.

This section
Well there are no musicals here, but there are music videos.This area is divided into 4 sections as indicated in the left panes. Some of the work was produced for clients while other pieces are realisations of some of my ideas. The music section covers my garage-band days and some of the busking I have done as a guitarist and reluctant vocalist.


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