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Undertheblue - Digital Media Concepts, Research and Design
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Developed and Realised Interactive programs, websites, films, videos, sound and other artefacts
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Copyright Jim Davis 2005
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Get a FREE * full demonstration copy of RecordingCoach here. An evaluation** is now offered to individuals and organisations and is available on CD-ROM for either Apple Mac*** and Windows PC.
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Packaging and Postage Payment in all instances must be through PayPal.

Apple Mac version
Apple OSX 10.3 or above
620MB of free HD space.
512 RAM / Sound card / Headphones
Internet connection
(Some limitations in this version apply,
see ***below)
£10.00* (Handling & Postage)

Windows PC version
Microsoft Windows XP
or Windows 2000 OS.
Access to write to the root 'C' drive is needed to save the audio recording.
620MB of free HD space.
512 RAM / Sound card / Headphones
Internet connection
£10.00* (Handling & Postage)

* The free evaluation will be subject to CD reproduction, postage, packaging and handling costs incurred in the processing and dispatch of the evaluation copy to you. To simplify things a single flat fee has been established. Surplus monies accrued from the applied flat fee will be donated to charity - Galway SPCA at the end of the evaluation period.

**RecordingCoach has been made available for evaluation purposes only. Reverse engineering and or use of any of RecordingCoach media assets, including video and audio files, in any capacity outside of the artefacts' construct is strictly prohibited. RecordingCoach must not be sold or distribution (free or otherwise) without the authors' consent. RecordingCoach is made available "AS IS" without warranty or support. Every effort has been made to ensure the stability of the software however by using RecordingCoach you accept the Author can not be held liable for any loss or damage to data or systems that may occur from its use.If you can not agree to the above DO NOT acquire or use the programme. Please remember any payment made in securing a copy of RecordingCoach was taken to cover handling and delivery only. RecordingCoach has been provided free of charge, as such the author reserves the right to terminate access to any evaluation copy of RecordingCoach at any time and without prior notification.

*** The Apple Mac version does not support the creation of an audio recording of the simulated interview.

Research Links
Article: 'Stroppy Margaret gives journalists a hard time' By John Marsden, Media And Marketing Editor - Birmingham Post Oct 16th 2006 (External site)


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